This eAduan System is developed and implemented with one primary objective in mind: to provide an Internet medium of receiving complaint from the public.

By having this system, it is hoped that it will ease affairs between public and KPDNKK. For your information, this system is made available beginning 14th June 2004.

All complaints shall be investigated and complainants information shall be made confidential. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is no response or feedback within 3 days.

Any futher question regarding your complaint, please email to :

Jumlah Aduan Bermula 1 Julai 2012 : 50991
Jumlah Semakan Aduan Atas Talian : 8972

Jika aduan anda adalah berkaitan salahlaku pegawai KPDNKK, sila ke Terima kasih.

Sesuai dipapar menggunakan Mozilla Firefox 8.5 dan Google Chrome 9